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Farm Furniture

The Weber Chute Rustic Entry Table / Rustic Console Table is a very unique piece that designed to create or complement your western rustic home decor. This beautiful table was created from weathered wood reclaimed from a primitive cattle loading chute on the High Plains of Colorado. An excellent choice to add to your farm furniture collection. At Ranchland Rustics ltd. great care is taken to preserve the distinctive and organic elements of the wood in order to protect its historical integrity, which you will see reflected in every detail of this piece of western art.  

The Finest In Rustic Living Room Furniture

The top of the rustic sofa table was reclaimed in this   configuration with a beautiful weathered notch at one end . It was best to preserve it as is to create a one of a kind piece of art with both ends being naturally weathered. The amazing cracks and colors truly represent the term "rustic'. Rusted metal embellishments were added to the sides of the legs, as we try to include rust in many of our works of art. Perhaps back pouring the cattle for flies contributed to the authentic colors of this gorgeous table top. We can not begin to imagine how many cattle rubbed against this board on their way to greener pastures.  A classic example of western rustic furniture art offered by Ranchland Rustics Ltd. An artistic element for your farm furniture collection. Dimensions W 49  H 34         D 13 1/2 inches.

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