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Custom Barnwood Picture Frames - Western Art Print

The reclaimed barnwood for this rustic picture frame encapsulating the Bob Gray print was harvested from a barn in southern Colorado. There are some very distinguishing marks where the extreme weather on the plains has left its signature.  As with all of our western rustic furniture and rustic home decor. creations, we intend to preserve these characteristics. The dark finish on our artistic barnwood picture frames complements the photo very well. A fantastic addition to your farm furniture. This is a very heavy frame and must be attached with a single screw secure to a wall stud or secured  wooden component. Please to not try to attach it to drywall alone.

Rustic Home Decor

This Bob Gray print captures the teamwork of the horses and riders necessary to complete the task at hand. This photo appears to be at a rodeo or cutting competition in1960. It could just be all in a  days work. The cowhands and on lookers appear to be African American, in a time of segregation. The black American cowboys played a vital and important role in establishing the western ranches in early times. I wish I had details about the story behind this print. Beautiful western rustic home decor. from Ranchland Rustics Ltd. This barnwood picture frames is made for this print only. It does allow for changing the photo. This Bob Gray print is dated 1960. Dimensions are W 33 1/4  H 31 inches.

Cutting Concentration.jpg
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