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Rustic Home Decor

The beautiful reclaimed barnwood selected for framing this action packed Bob Gray print was harvested from two different barns from the heart of ranchland in Southern Colorado.  We used the darker weathered barnwood near the bottom to represent the earth and the lighter colored barnwood at the top to represent the midday sky.  The 1800's barbed wire was placed in the fashion of a fence. You will notice the top and bottom of the frame has the preserved weathered live edges. A true rustic home decor. classic brought to you by Ranchland Rustics Ltd. Created to accent your farm furniture. This frame is heavy and must be secured with a single screw in a wall stud or secured wooden component. Please do not try to attach it to drywall only,

Accent Your Farm Furniture

We have not been able to find any information on Bob Gray the photographer behind the lens. However he was obviously very talented and captured action shots of true working cowboys of this era. This one is dated 1959. We feel the combination of this western art print in one of our barnwood picture frames represents the west in it's truest fashion. Rustic home decor at it's finest. This frame was created to preserve this print only and can not be removed without damaging the classic barnwood picture frame. Dimensions W 38 1/2  H 31 inches.

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