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Special order sliding barn door and hinged barnwood doors to compliment your rustic home decor.

Sliding Barn Door

It is our goal at Ranchland Rustics Ltd. to work with you in designing the perfect Sliding Barn Door to accent your rustic home decor. or office decor. We can help you to achieve the look you desire in whatever size and style of barn door to accent your farm furniture. Our doors are created from authentic reclaimed barnwood from the high plains. They are wonderful with your western rustic furniture.

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Sliding Barn Door 

This prestigious sliding barn door was created from several different species of wood enhancing a multiple of colors radiating in the finished product.  The clear urethane finish darkens the wood  to enhance the colors and texture in which the weathering process created.  Our mission at Ranchland Rustics Ltd. is to preserve this combination of aspects in every sliding barn door we create. We can provide the mounting and handle hardware upon request.  We highly recommend securing a solid header board above the doorway to the wall studs to secure the barn door hanging hardware to. This also allows the barnwood door to move freely past any trim which may exist around the existing door frame.  An excellent choice to accent your farm furniture.

Double Cross Buck Sliding Barn Door

The double cross buck sliding  barn door is one of our most popular barn door styles to compliment your farm furniture. This prestigious piece of rustic furniture is finished to reveal the natural colors of the barnwood. The texture of the reclaimed barnwood is preserved with a durable finish made to last for generations. Our rustic barn door is created with authentic weathered barnwood in a true western fashion. Our sliding barn door at Ranchland Rustics Ltd. are heavy and should only be mounted to wood securely attached to the studs or header in the wall.  We recommend to never mount sliding door hardware to drywall alone. Let us help you achieve the dreams of your rustic home decor.

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