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Rustic Furniture

An artistic piece of the Bobcat Collection from Ranchland Rustics Ltd. The reclaimed  barnwood for this prestigious piece was harvested from a chicken shed in eastern Colorado near the Arkansas River. This picture shows how wood can weather in a unique fashion on the high plains. It is very beautiful rustic home decor. created to catch the eyes of all who enter.  Would look amazing with a Bronze sculpture or whatever you prefer to decorate with.  Above it hangs one of our custom framed western prints by Bob Gray.  They seem to complement each other very well. Beautiful farm furniture.

Farm Furniture

As with all of our one of a kind creations, we have a vision of producing distinguished works of art while preserving the rugged texture and beauty that mother nature has produced over a hundred plus years. The beauty of this astonishing piece of rustic furniture is sure to accompany almost any rustic home decor you can imagine.  This rustic console table has an abundance of colors complimenting each other in a very artistic way.  Here you can see the live edge which the weather has created. An authentic barnwood  treasure to be loved by all. A wonderful piece of farm furniture. Dimensions  W 52  H 33  D 18 1/2 inches.

1 Bobcat entry.jpg
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