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Whiskey Barrel Bar

The American Oak Whiskey Bar is the perfect creation for your Home Bar or Man Cave Bar

American Oak Whiskey 3.jpg

American Oak Whiskey Barrel Bar

An artistic treasure brought to you by Ranchland Rustics Ltd. This Home Bar is made from used whiskey barrels and barrel staves horizontally on the front.  The base and bar top are made from 2 inch thick reclaimed weathered oak wood. A true classic piece of western rustic furniture built to last for generations.

    Brass and leather accents with large clavos were added truly complimenting the colors of this home bar. The centerpiece of your rustic home decor.

      American Oak Whiskey 2.jpg
      American Oak Whiskey Top.jpg

      The weathered oak top of this whiskey barrel bar is finished to enhance woodgrain texture with many beautiful knots. Truly a centerpiece to design your home bar or man cave bar around.

        The American Oak Whiskey  Barrel Bar has 2 shelves for storing glasses and beverages. This whiskey barrel bar is an absolutely beautiful centerpiece to design your canteen around.  Dimensions  in inches Width 91 1/2  Height 42 1/2  Depth 33.

          American Oak Shelves.jpeg

          The American Oak Whiskey Bar is very heavy and sturdy, built to last for generations.  It is made in 3 separate sections for easier transportation and set up.

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