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Man Cave Bar - Home Bar

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Old Abe Man Cave Bar

An amazing combination from Ranchland Rustics Ltd. shown here with the mountain tops of the Old Abe Bar Back soaring in the background.

The base of Old Abe is made of 80 to 100 year old weathered wood. The front and sides of the bar are sideboards off of a 1940's grain truck . They are oak with as much original red paint that was left on them after weathering for 80 years. An artistic creation of rustic furniture. It resonates the old west.

    Rustic Furniture

    This bar top is made of weathered wood that once was crossmembers on an electrical transmission line. They would use compression clamps to tie 2 of them together to make a 40 some foot brace. The holes from the clamps still serve a purpose today. A large beer mugs sits perfectly in them.

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      Old Abe Top.jpg

      Magnificent Home Bar Bar

      The bar top was left weathered as much as possible. Old bolt holes were filled with shotgun shells and bullet casings. The top has over 25 coats of urethane and a special technique used to give it an antique appearance along with a beautiful glossy shine. One would think it was 150 years old.

        Rustic Home Decor

        With a built in drink rail and plenty of room for necessities.  Perfect for any occasion. This large piece of rustic furniture was intended as a mancave bar for someone with a lot of space, however it could be used as a home bar if you have adequate space. An artistic piece of authentic farm furniture. Dimensions Width 153 in. Height 42 in. Depth 57 1/2 in.

          Old Abe.jpg
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