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Outstanding Farm Furniture

The Bobcat Rustic Bookshelf pictured along with the Bobcat Rustic Console Table are part of the Bobcat Collection of western rustic furniture From Ranchland Rustics Ltd. The weathered barnwood was reclaimed from a chicken shed near the Arkansas River in Eastern Colorado. The Bobcats thrived in this area and the shed was a frequent attraction . A wonderful addition to your rustic home decor.

Rustic Furniture

The beautifully weathered barnwood from the chicken shed dates back to the 1920's according to dimensions. The harsh weather of the High Plains has left this wood with tremendous character and beauty. We try to salvage as much of this character as possible when designing and finishing our rustic barnwood furniture. We noticed the shed was built of several different species of wood which could be the result of availability issues on the plains in those times. This is a tall rustic bookshelf with adequate space between the shelves to accept different heights of your rustic home decor. The tall rustic bookshelf has a very unique trim around the top accenting the details of this artistic piece of rustic farm furniture.

Bobcat Tall 3.jpg
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